Medical Supplies

Cherry Grove Drug offers a wide selection of medical supplies.

Here are the supplies that you can find when you shop at our pharmacy:

Glucose Meters
Glucose Test Strips
Digital Thermometer
Foldable Steel Commode
Hospital Bedside Tables
Diabetic Control Solutions
Bladder Control Supplies
Seat Riser
Sturdy Grab Bars
Compression Hosiery
Wheelchair (Geriatric)
Diabetic Footwear
Diabetic Management Supplies
Wheel Chair Support
Walking Stick (Canes)
Insulin Injections
Wheelchair (Pediatric)
Transfer Bench (Shower)
Walking Aids
Bathroom Safety Bench
Back Shower Gurney
Glucose Exam Kits
Oxygen Supplies
Pulse Oximeter
Bedding Pads
Support Crutches
Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems
Transport Chairs / Benches
Bathtub Steel Railing
Support Belts
Quad Sticks
Transfer Bench (Bathtub)

If we do not have the item in stock, we can call the manufacturer/distributor and order it on your behalf. For inquiries, please call 843-361-DRUG.